Ticket includes full access to all presentations, panels, challenges & events, as well as box lunch & access to a cash bar [OPEN 3 - 7PM on FRIDAY · 12 - 5PM on SATURDAY]


Albany, New York and the surrounding upstate NY/North East region has an incredible community of hackers and information security enthusiasts—hobbyists & professionals, alike. We need to crystallize, connect and invigorate our community, and that is exactly WHY we created this conference.  



ANYCON is the first Hacker conference of its kind in Albany, NY. Bringing you a generous schedule of speakers, talks, events & challenges accessible to all levels of INFOSEC enthusiasm. Some features of the conference include:

Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition 

Hardware Hacking Village 

Ping Pong Tournament (to the death, come prepared) SIGN UP HERE

Educational / Volunteer opportunities 

Family and child friendly

Food & beverage included (alcohol available)

Keynote speakers ANNE MARIE ZETTLEMOYER & DEBORAH A. SNYDER. Visit our SCHEDULE page for a detailed list of speakers and talks. 

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Friday, August 24th — Saturday, August 25th, 2018



The brand new Albany Capital Center in Downtown Albany, New York.