Capture the flag

This year’s CTF will be bigger and more challenging than ever! We’ve doubled-down and focused on making this event the cornerstone of the conference this year. We have brand new equipment, engaging challenges, and awesome prizes.

  • First Place Grand Prize - $2,000 CASH and custom hoodies to signify your 1337 status

  • Second Place - Prizes valued at $1,000

  • Third Place - Prizes valued at $500


Nervous about jumping into the CTF? New to the world of InfoSec? This year will feature an all-day Training track with an accompanying CTF for you to participate in and learn everything you need to know in to get a jumpstart into the field.

Hardware Hacking Village

Want to replace the firmware inside your router? Or learn how to unbrick a device? How about reverse engineering the firmware in your IoT device? Ask us about embedded systems.

Perhaps you want to build some cosplay equipment, Halloween decorations, or create your own home automation.  Ask us about creating custom electronics and programming them using Arduinos, MakeCode, or Python.

Are you interested in other wireless protocols, such as keyfobs, RFID, NFC, tracking planes and boats?  Ask us about software defined radios.

Lockpick Village

We have a collection of locks you can practice on, including sets with progressive pinning so you can ramp up your skills. We will have lockpicks you can borrow. Learn how to lockpick! Give your hands something to do while your mind is thinking about the CTF! Show us what you know!