Capture The Flag

A hacking challenge for every skill level. This CTF is open to all attendees, there is no qualifier or pre-registration required. Just show up with a laptop and have fun. Teams of any size are encouraged.
We guarantee this is a CTF like you've never seen before!
Prizes for the top five teams will be announced.

Hardware Hacking Village

Over the years, hackers have been creating custom hardware for the purposes of hacking. Using Kickstarter, the inventors were able to create wireless tools such as the famous Software defined radio HackRF, and RFID badge cloners such as the 125khz RFIDler, and the 13.56 MHz  Chameleon-Mini.
Then there’s hardware designed to hack hardware, such as the Chip Whisperer-Lite which does side-channel attacks, and debuggers such as Goodfet, and BlackMagic Probe. We’ve got all of these and more. We’ve also have a BusPirate, Chikra, FTDI-Friend, logic analyzers, voltage meters,  an oscilloscope, soldering irons, cables, jumpers and other goodies. Here’s your chance to learn about existing hardware, bring in your own hardware, and your questions. Try your hand at hardware hacking. 
Remember, if you can’t open it, you don’t own it.

Ping Pong Tournament

The name pretty much says it all! Depending on the number of entrants this will be a double elimination tournament with prizes for the top four finishers. Games will be spread out during the conference. We'll schedule flexible game times for all entrants to participate and have fun!